Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Microsoft has a virtual monopoly on the PC market, document processing, and is making meaningful attempts to diversify. Microsoft Windows currently has a 92.15% market share of desktop operating systems. While this is slightly down from a 95.80% share in 2007, it is still over 90% (netmarketshare). Furthermore, Microsoft Office has more than a 90% market share of the PC market. Microsoft Office has remained dominant in the face of OpenOffice, Google Docs, and other cheap or free alternatives for years.

Microsoft Corporation has recently achieved a patent cross-license agreement with Amdocs Software Systems Limited, under which mutual access will be available to each company’s patent portfolio. Although specific terms of the agreement are confidential, Microsoft said that Amdocs will pay Microsoft an undisclosed amount of money under the agreement.

While competitor Apple is busy building the “next big thing,” Microsoft is good at doing what it does best: consistently growing earnings, proving its brand, and investing around the edges.Microsoft’s new Surface tablet might possibly undermine PC maker support for Windows, as its devices will compete against tablets that they sell.

MSFT’s earning is $2 per share, Next quarter estimated EPS is $0.89, current year estimated EPS is $3.03. Its PE ratio is 15. The share of MSFT has closed at $29.755, its traded Volume was 44241.3K shares, MSFT opened the Day at $29.43, it made an intraday Low of $29.18, and an intraday High of $29.85. MSFT’s close price is above its Short term MA, short term MA is below mid-term, and below long term MA. MSFT (Microsoft Corp.) 52-week High is $32.738, 52-week Low is: $23.304, it has supports at $29.38 and $28.31, resistances at $31.13 and $36.35. Overall, this stock is rated BUY by






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